About Us

Zee QZeeQ is a Zee Learn initiative that will prepare children for the 21st century through programs and stories that educate, inform and build life skills - all in an engaging manner.

India’s only edutainment, multi-platform channel, ZeeQ is a product of extensive research by our experts to make learning an enjoyable experience for children. It was found in a National survey that a large percentage of parents in India feel that the existing television shows do not add value to a child’s development. Zee Learn Ltd. understands the need for an edutainment platform and is making it available for the first time in India.

As pioneers in education, Zee Learn Ltd. reaches out to children through the vastly successful Kidzee preschools and Mount Litera Zee Schools, as well as through supplementary programs such as Brain Café. We now wish to extend our expertise in educating children after the regular school hours as well, through ZeeQ.

About UsZee Learn upholds all ideas that are right for the child under our policy of WRFC (Wt is right for the child), and therefore, ZeeQ aims to become a fun learning destination for children. The objective is to impart desired knowledge and life skills to ensure child development. The channel will inculcate values in children and help them to make the correct career and lifestyle choices. Zee Q will act as a development centre for children and a platform to showcase talent and knowledge.

The Emerging Student Profile (ESP, desired profile that every student should have can be divided in to – Knowledge, Life Skills and Values) we have in mind will surface with life skills such as effective habits, media literacy, metacognition, risk taking and self management. The intention is to instill high order Skills, Thinking, Sports, Arts , Entrepreneurship and Financial Understanding. The child will also be primed with certain core values, such as integrity, authenticity, growth mindset, open mindedness and compassion.

ZeeQ is one-stop content platform for every child’s growth & Development. So have you ZeeQ’d yet?